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Stone's Jewelry is proud to feature the John Medeiros line, which is real jewelry handcrafted from non-precious metals. John Medeiros, founder and CEO of Tahoe Jewelry, introduced the John Medeiros line in 2000 after having worked in the jewelry industry for many years.


John Medeiros pieces are handmade in the United States, and all designs are original, registered and copyrighted. You will see intricate hand carved detailing on the front, sides and back of the piece for a truly unique look.

Handcrafted Jewelry With A Personal Touch

Check Out The John Medeiros Collection

All John Medeiros pieces utilize advance product engineering and solid construction for durability, with original closures which blend into the overall design motif. Multiple strands are frequently used on bracelets, necklaces and earrings, with chains and ends joined in the casting process.


The two-tone effect is achieved through multiple masking and stripping operations, with the Medeiros logo trademarked on each piece. All pieces come with a lifetime guarantee. Learn more about the John Medeiros collection.

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